Monthly Missionary Update 

Brett & Monica Garner


It’s hard to believe we’re already half-way through reviveTX! The favor we’ve been experiencing here in Dallas-Fort Worth has been incredible! MANY are coming to know the Lord on the streets of DFW and MANY doors are being opened to the Gospel. We wanted to take a moment to share with you how we’re seeing God move across the Metroplex. Your prayers and your investment in our ministry are part of making every one of these stories possible. Thank you so much…

The Numbers:
From the first three weeks of reviveTX…

  • 1,169 new believers!
  • 722 individuals requesting discipleship!
  • 2,117 teams, comprised of 8,234 people, went out on the streets to pray for people and share the Gospel!
  • 81 local schools have opened their doors to the Gospel through sports teams, FCA groups, faculty meetings and ministry partnerships such as KiDs’ Beach Club!
  • 83 businesses and municipal or community groups—including the Dallas County Jail, Babe’s Chicken Dinner House, Sonic Drive-In, Taco Bell and many local police and fire stations—have opened their doors to prayer and the Gospel!

Each one of these numbers represents a soul, a person with a face and a name, or a group of people who have encountered Jesus in a new way! That’s A LOT of rejoicing happening in Heaven! Praise the Lord!

The Stories:
Here are some short snippets of what we’re seeing in Dallas-Fort Worth:

  • A dad in the blue region had a Bible in his car and his son started asking questions. They read the Scriptures on the way to school and the son said YES to Jesus(blue region)
  • At a Taco Casa in Denton, workers stopped making tacos to receive prayer! “Prayer is more important,” the workers declared. One worker decided to follow Jesus and her manager is going to disciple her! (aqua region)
  • A man received prayer for a degenerative brain disease that had slowed his speech to the point he was unable to share the Gospel. Now his speech is significantly improving and all trembling in his left hand has stopped! He was able to go out the next day to share the Gospel! (red region)
  • A local pastor and teen from Ohio shared the Gospel with 91 kids at Creekview Middle School, and 14 kids confessed Jesus as Lord! (black region)
  • After sharing the Gospel with 40 Lewisville High School football players, two young men chose to follow Jesus! Then the team wasinvited back to share in the afternoon with over 100 players who weren’t at the morning meeting and another 10 players gave their lives to Christ. There is now an open door to minister to the team and coaching staff on a regular, ongoing basis! (yellow region)
  • The door was opened to the Lake Granbury Juvenile Facility where 25 youth confessed Jesus as Lord! (pink region)
  • 19 students said, “YES!” to Jesus after teams shared the Gospel with roughly 50 youth at Cary Middle School in Dallas, TX. (red region)
  • A team was invited to share the Gospel with over 200 employees at EG2 Mobile Technology. 18 people chose to follow Jesus, and 30 want to be discipled! (light purple region)

Ministry Update

We are on our 41st day of reviveTX.  A lot of lives have been changed.  It is so exciting to watch how God is working in individuals lives.  We will be heading home June 5th,  Home is sounding pretty nice right now.   We  will have been in Texas for 2 months on the 5th.  We have prayed for people, been prayed for, shared the Gospel, seen Salvation’s, watched Baptisms, baptized a friend, laughed, cried, been discouraged, and been encouraged.  We have taught and learned and been stretched.  It has been energizing and exhausting all at the same time.  And we have one more week!  Praying that we finish strong and with excellence for the Lord.  Keeping our focus on the lives that God is going to change this coming week.  This is Saturday morning and 43 teams went out into the streets in the yellow region.

Our team is in the yellow region.

  Our Family
Brett, Evan, Lee

Monica, Paxton, Jaimene,
Briggs, and Gage

Prayer Requests

Praise Report

  • This past weekend we witnessed two brothers ask Jesus to be their Savior.
  • We met a young couple that is living in a tent and now is being poured into by many people.  God is supplying shelter, food, money and job opportunity all in 3 days.
  • A man sitting on a curb outside of the church waiting on a ride to Mississippi was invited in to have lunch. As we were in training to go out in the streets while he was eating his lunch he heard the Gospel and got saved!
  • Last night after the evening service a young Korean man talked with one of our leaders and said he didn’t know what he believed.  After talking and praying with him, and through many tears he accepted Jesus as his Savior.

Our Yellow reviveTX  team

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